About Us

Phoenix, founded in 1971 in the city of Apeldoorn in the Netherlands, Phoenix is a vibrant symbol of Dutch folklore. Our motto, “Feel the Folklore”, encapsulates our commitment to sharing the rich tapestry of Dutch culture and traditions. Phoenix has already represented the Dutch culture abroad through folklore performances in France, Hungary, and China. We aim to transport you to the heart of the Netherlands and its captivating traditions. Witness the lively spirit of the Dutch culture as we share stories through dance.

Inspirational Performances

Phoenix doesn’t just dance; we ignite the stage with our passion for folklore. Our dynamic dancers are young, passionate, and committed to breathing new energy into Dutch folklore while preserving its authenticity. Our performances feature beautiful and unmistakable Dutch costumes that captivate the eye. We want the audience to feel the folklore by inviting them to dance a few steps of waltz and mazurka or experience an energetic polka during a parade. But Phoenix doesn’t
stop at Dutch dances; we can also offer an international repertoire that takes you on a journey to Ireland, Hungary, and Romania.

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